Piano Tiles Pink - Girls

Piano Tiles Pink  - Girls

Piano Tiles Pink - Girls

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New Piano Tiles Pink for girls is the sequel to your favorite Piano Tiles with amazing graphics and different
What's new in Piano Tiles Pink for girls :
-Break the trad black and white mode ,you can choose the color and sound you like of the game
- Amazing design in "piano" style with hints of expensive mahogany, imagine yourself playing on an New piano in 2017 .
-You can Share game and results With your friends in Facebook Or What'sapp
- Get experience, open new levels and different kind of music : Rap , Hip-hop , Rock , pop ...
-Piano Tiles Pink for girls 100/100 Free game music
- And More ..

Hurry ! and install your copy Now Enjoy your favorite game in 2017 , while Sabzira creates Piano Tiles 3 for you.